Welcome to the Rook Forum!

This forum is used for discussion on existing KIP drafts, proposing KIPs to the DAO, discussion the Rook ecosystem and everything in between. The forum here is used in tandem with Discord channels and the scheduled Governance Meetings to form community consensus around each KIP draft. Each category serves specific purposes so please check them out below! Welcome to the forum!

  • The Orange KIP category is the primary marker for KIPs in particular stages of their lifecycle. The current stages that exist are: Draft, Sophon Review, Voting, Reconciliation, Final, Inactive.

  • The Purple research category is meant for discussion on Rook technologies, integrations, products, ecosystem or community.

  • The Green category is intended for all ideas and discussion revolving around Rook’s governance process. This could be analysis of voting history, ideas to improve the voting process, or anything else!