Return Assets to KeeperDAO LP

KIPx: Return Assets to KeeperDAO LP


Deposit ETH, WETH, DAI, and USDC to the KeeperDAO LP that is currently in the Treasury.


Over the last few months, the KeeperDAO team has executed a number of strategic accounting transactions, whether that be ROOK buybacks or rebalancing the LPs due to Hiding Vault growth, that has left excess ETH, WETH, DAI, and USDC in the Treasury after it was removed from our LP to make these moves possible.

Currently, this is the amount of assets that remain from the original amounts taken out of their respective LPs:

Asset Quantity Value
ETH 3,825.96 $15,789,183.21
WETH 1313.86 $5,421,298.97
USDC 8,869,686.11 $8,869,686.11
DAI 3,285,917.69 $3,285,917.69
Total $33,366,085.98

The total value of these assets as of 10/20 is $33,366,085.98. I am proposing that we deposit all but 20 ETH back into the LP (for gas or other needs). Returning them to their respective LPs will generate more ROOK for the treasury and boost our TVL. Just like the other Treasury assets in the LPs, when governance decides they are needed they can be removed from the LP to be utilized via a KIP.


Deposit the following assets from 0x9a67f1940164d0318612b497e8e6038f902a00a4 into the corresponding LP address.

3,805.96 ETH- (ETH LP address)

8,869,686.11 USDC - (USDC LP address)

1313.86 WETH - (WETH LP address)

3285917.69 DAI - (DAI LP address)