Our first trial of Sophon onboarding

We have discussed the process for onboarding and offboarding Sophons at a number of Governance Workshops, which has provided a basis for how we can collectively move forward with these processes. The topic has become particularly relevant now given that one of the current cohort of Sophons has signaled their desire to step away from the role.

Rather than jumping directly into a disruptive set of elections across all of the Sophons, this situation is a great opportunity to trial a new onboarding process for a single Sophon that reflects what we’ve workshopped. This will allow us to work out any implementation issues before codifying it into our documented governance process, while also ensuring continuity in this important role.

To that end, here is a proposed process for onboarding for us to discuss at Governance Workshop on Wednesday, September 14th, with the hope of evolving it toward a format we can stand up in the relatively near term. Is this a reasonable process? Are we missing anything?

Stage 1: Nomination

The candidate(s) for Sophon will be nominated by a member of the DAO, and will be asked to provide the following information on the forum in a dedicated thread:

  • ENS or voting wallet address
  • Discord and forum handle (same handle must be used for both)
  • Twitter handle
  • Background and Web3 expertise, and how this will benefit Rook DAO.
  • Knowledge of Rook and prior contributions to the DAO
  • Current ROOK/xROOK holdings
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Intent to abide by code of conduct/mission alignment

Stage 2: Evaluation

At the end of the nomination period, the DAO will initiate a period of evaluation during which each nominee will be assessed by the DAO. During this period, the DAO will create opportunities for community members to engage with the Sophon candidate(s), whether in synchronous public sessions or via pre-registered questions. Recordings and/or written answers to these questions will be made available to the community.

Stage 3: Elections

Elections will be held on Snapshot, and will last for 5 days. All nominated candidates will be put to a ratification vote using Rook’s standard approval consensus voting.

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We discussed this proposal (among other topics) at Governance Workshop on 2022-09-14. For a summary and recording, see here.

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