Making the KIP forum more useful

The approach we’ve taken so far to managing KIPs on the forum has been based on establishing a few steps in the process (“Draft”, “Submitted”, etc.) and then having a moderator track a given proposal’s movement through those steps. We’ve had the good fortune of an increasing range of proposals coming into our process, which makes this a good time to make some tweaks to make the forum more informative and useful.

The main proposal is to update the status of individual proposals (defined within the category of “KIPs” in the forum) as follows:

Old Status New Status Definition
Draft Draft Proposal is ready for community review
Submitted Sophon Review The proposal is under Sophon review
N/A Voting The proposal is live on Snapshot
Reconciliation Reconciliation A temporary category for proposals in the reconciliation stage
Final Final The proposal has arrived at a final decision
N/A Inactive The proposal has gone more than four weeks on the forum with no activity

A proposal that is in “Inactive” status will move back to “Draft” status if there are any revisions to its content or new comments posted in its thread.

These are all in progress and fluid as we continue to reshape the governance process, and will only get better with feedback, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas as we continue to develop.

In addition to this, it seems natural to have some sort of criteria for when to move a KIP from one status to the next.

Yep agreed, great catch - that’s part of the governance process more broadly, so these will have to be reconsidered as we work through the stages there.

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EDITED 8/4/22 to specify path out of “inactive” status (thanks to @DaddyMatty for noticing this gap)