KIPX: Sophons & Multisig Signers Nominations Thread

I think there are sufficient controls with 1/ the fact that the multi-sig requires at least several signatures, 2/ wallets are all linked to CEX KYCs and 3/ every candidate here is a long-term member of the community and expressed willingness to contribute in good faith to the new DAO.

As much as I’d like this to be common practice, as DeFi users, we all know that the unclear regulatory landscape, as well as horror stories about KYCs getting out in the wild, are reasonable concerns to not force users to KYC to third party if there is sufficient control in place to safe-keep funds.

As a sophon and multi-sig signer, I would require all sophons and multi-sig signers to KYC only if I had doubts about their intentions and felt they could be a threat to the DAO. Ultimately, this decision should be taken by elected sophons and multi-sig signers collectively, as they share liability together.


Multiple candidates joined the rook discord less than 6 months ago (including yourself). It’s not what I would call a long-term member… You all will take on a lot of responsibility. It’s reasonable to ask for safeguards.

I find it particularly disingenuous to see a team member and a sophon coming here and commenting on the validity and trustability of people who have to put themselves out here to do what is right for ROOK tokenholders.

I’m sorry but we wouldn’t need to start KYCing, supporting risks and liabilities of being sophons / signers of Incubator DAO if you all had done your job in the first place. I’ll be happy to satisfy the requirements necessary to bring enough trust so that the current team doesn’t chime in and try to frighten legitimate candidates.

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I can’t help but feel like this is a vindictive action by the team after being doxxed publicly via legal…

Just add to your individual application if you’re willing to dox. That way we dont force people but those who are willing would indicate it.

Individual voters can then determine what they value most in a Sophon/MS


UPDATE: Based on discussion with the candidates in today’s (2023-04-04) Governance Workshop, the parameters for this proposal have been updated as follows:

  1. The nomination period remains open through noon ET on Thursday, April 6th, and will be announced on Discord
  2. The election period will be 48 hours rather than 24
  3. There will be two elections run via Rook DAO’s snapshot using multi-choice approval voting. One election will be for Sophons, and one will be for multisig signers. The community will determine how to interpret the results of these votes in terms of overlap between members in the two roles.
  1. 0x680cfea894cd0bd8491c348795fa791f7386d235
  2. Sophon and multisig signer
  3. If I am elected as a sophon and/or multisisg signer, my first order of business will be to protect the interests of token holders and the rights of the DAO (First task will be to review KIPX: Implement the rage quit process) and put it to a DAO vote. Same as Adonai. My self-submission is entirely to ensure there are enough pro-KIPX candidates available.
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  1. 0xE2cB22b6a46Aa1af43FfB71C98be7D891f77BE65
  2. multisig signer
  3. I have not been that long in the rook community, but joining the calls in the last several months I know there are great people in this community and for sure we can bring the vibes back and build something that people will enjoy being apart of. I have been involved in the past years in several DAOs, one that i’m passionate about is banklessdao - i’m a temp admin there and i’m one of the signer for multiple safes. If people will vote for me, I promise that I will be impartial, fair and will always double check the validity of every transaction that will be signed. Thank you!

Wallet: 0xd47C7dbF30bd1FEF709D6AbC4Ae6568b89F6bc14

Role(s) I am interested in: Sophon and or Multisig Signer

Hello fellow ROOK community members, my name is Mitchell and I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the positions of Sophon and Multisig Signer.

I have joined the community for various governance and treasury calls in the discord over the past year now, but have held no positions in the ROOK DAO.

I have been a part of the Integral core team for over a year, serving as a community manager and business developer for the project. During my time with the team, I have forged strong friendships and connections within the DeFi ecosystem that I believe would be of benefit to the DAO.

First Actions: If elected as a Sophon and Multisig Signer, my first order of business would be to prioritize the interests and rights of the token holders and the DAO. I will thoroughly review KIPX: Implement the rage quit process and, if deemed appropriate, put it forward for a DAO vote. I believe in establishing transparency and trust within the community, which are essential for the successful functioning of our DAO.

Additional Priorities:

  • Strengthening collaboration and communication within the community and fostering a sense of shared purpose.
  • Identifying innovative projects for potential partnerships/collaborations while maintaining a focus on core infrastructure and technology.
  • Exploring new opportunities for products and infrastructure in the MEV ecosystem that align with the interests of token holders.
  • Focus on value capture for token holders: Ensure that governance token holders can capture value from the project’s treasury and other revenue streams.

KYC and Integrity: While I understand the concerns around KYC and the need for safeguarding the DAO, I believe that as long as we maintain a strong system of controls and accountability, we can establish trust without compromising individual privacy. If deemed necessary by the community or if there are concerns about my intentions, I would be open to discussing potential KYC measures.

Final Thoughts: I am deeply committed to working collaboratively with the community to ensure the long-term success of our DAO. If elected, I will serve with integrity, dedication, and a strong focus on the best interests of our community. My experience as a community manager and business developer, coupled with my passion for MEV, positions me well to contribute effectively in these roles.

Thank you for considering my nomination, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the bright future of our DAO.

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UPDATE: Per the community’s decision, nominations for these roles are now closed.

We can post a Snapshot vote for each of these roles as discussed, and just need to settle on:

  1. What you’d like for the text of the vote. I put together a text version in markdown for your review here (this is just for the Sophons, so there would be a parallel one for the multisig election).
  1. When do you want these votes to start?
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  1. Looks good to me as long as the voting choices are clear with the Discord tags

  2. was under the impression that these would start today at 12 ET so ASAP

  1. Ok great. I just copied the table above (without the “role” column, and in alpha order) but it’s in markdown for snapshot so it looks different in the google doc

  2. We agreed nominations would end at noon and election would start shortly after, but given all the changes around the timing for 44 this got pushed back a bit. Glad to have it in motion and would also like to hear from @Wismerhill as the author before moving forward.

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also the only edit is to remove joe from contention due to status as contributor - all else looks good

“At the end of the day, I am a steward first, and will put personal emotions aside when making choices on behalf of the Incubator DAO in order to accurately enforce the will of it’s people.”

The will of the people has been expressed, and as a result, I will be withdrawing my application in accordance with my stance above. Stay classy incubators.

UPDATE: Draft of snapshot votes have been updated to clarify the nature of interpretation of results (last section of the first paragraph) and also to reflect @AboveAverageJoe 's withdrawal.

Sophon: Incubator DAO Election: Sophons - Google Docs

Multisig: Incubator DAO Election: Multisigs - Google Docs

Just need a signoff from @Wismerhill on this text and I can get these set up to launch.

Thank you @JasonW for putting together the drafts of snapshot votes. Thank you for the revisions, everything looks good and ready to move to the next step.

Sounds good! Will get these set up, probably will launch around 6:30-ish if all goes well – will report back as soon as they’re ready.

The votes are now posted, and will both begin at 6:45 PM and run for 48 hours. I’ll post an announcement in Discord as well.

Sophon snapshot: Snapshot

Multisig snapshot: Snapshot


As a result of the sophon and multisig elections, I proceeded with the creation of the multisig with the 4 following signers, with 2/4 required confirmations:

  • Wismerhill - 0xb85c8c3fb16fc1938ea8c668fb92f3ffe7116622
  • Cmande3 - 0xF421D3d02B1d77486d214BF82273E11ecFedeF48
  • Adonai - 0x0CFBac656cd6624b70E32d446f897B03cF6bedA0
  • Idoos - 0x4B96B541C1B7567157FB7B278bdE2A8acE8E9FdF

The multi-sig address is 0x4f477bE511CD728082D83Ea1306679f0726E9bCb.

We will proceed with test transactions prior to the result of the Incubator DAO creation governance vote, in order to make sure everything works smoothly.

Given the massive support received by these 4 candidates, I’d like to propose that we interpret the result of the elections as is, meaning that these 4 elected candidates will be both sophons and multi-sig signers.

UPDATE: The voting period is complete, and the results are visible at Snapshot:

Sophons Snapshot

Multisig Signers Snapshot