KIP: Treasury Multisig Signers

KIP: Treasury Multisig Signers


Designate signers for the DAO treasury multisig.


The KeeperDAO Treasury contains the funds that are collectively managed by the DAO. They are secured by a multisignature wallet, with signatories today being members of the founding team.

With the advent of DAO governance, the time has come to expand the set of signers to reflect the fact that the DAO is now collectively managed. This means that decisions about asset rebalancing, budgeting, and buybacks, will be taken collectively through the normal governance procedure as laid out in [KIP1].


KIPa Signers

Name Reason

I think it makes sense for Sophons to be the next extension of the multi-sig.

Might be already, but, could we also add somebody from 3AC maybe?