KIP Template: Treasury Investment

What follows is a proposed template structure for the Treasury Investment category defined in KIP Draft: Format, Categories and Templates.

category: treasury investment
author:  <emailaddress>
created: YYYY-MM-DD


One sentence summarizing the proposal, its timeframe and its rationale


Provide links and summary for everything cited, including dates and sources for all data. All links should be referenced here, rather than in the proposal.



tl:dr version of what follows, in either text or bullet points

Investment amount and type

  • Choose one type

    Yield Generating


    Other (specify)

Mission Alignment

How is this investment aligned with the purpose of Rook DAO and its treasury?

Expected benefits for Rook

How will Rook benefit from this delegation?



Provide any background analysis necessary for the community to understand the nature of this investment and the rationale for it

Allocation and Methodology

For proposals incorporating multiple tokens and/or investments, please describe the recommended allocation as well as the methodology used to develop that allocation. For those focused on a single investment, please describe your analytical methodology.

Expected Return

Provide an analysis of the expected return and its component sources over a meaningful timeframe

Potential Risks and Mitigation

What could go wrong, and (if possible) how will the team address these risks in its work?



How will the position be executed and what funds should be utilized?

Position Management

What is the expected timeline for initiating purchase and exiting the position? What are the guidelines for rebalancing?

Monitoring and Reporting

Given the expected benefits and potential risks, tell us what information you will provide, how frequently, in what forum, etc.

Official Team and Disclosure

Please name the members and contributor roles or - if external - qualifications. Please also disclose (by name only) any holdings that might pose a potential conflict of interest


Specific steps to be taken, in bullet point form

@DaddyMatty had some great feedback around potentially needing separate KIP formats for Yield Generation vs. Strategic investments. I was hoping we could stick to fewer rather than more templates so I tried to include some options within a single KIP, but that’s a suggestion. This draft also includes his suggestion to incorporate disclosures of potential conflicts of interest by members of the official team.

All of the above is a pass at getting this right, and needs more feedback to take it further.