KIP Template: Research/Dev Grant

What follows is a proposed template structure for the Research/Dev Grants category defined in Writing a KIP for Rook governance.

category: research/dev grant 
author:  <emailaddress>
created: YYYY-MM-DD


One sentence summarizing the grant, its timeframe and its rationale


Provide links and summary for everything cited, including dates and sources for all data. All links should be referenced here, rather than in the proposal.



tl:dr version of what follows, in either text or bullet points

Mission Alignment

How is this research aligned with Rook’s mission and values (TBD)?

Expected benefits for Rook

How will Rook benefit from this research? How should we measure success?


Expected Benefits Detail

Please specify the potential benefits to Rook, and include analysis to support these claims

Potential Risks and Mitigation

What could go wrong, and (if possible) how will the partner address these risks? How can Rook address these risks?


Resource Needs

What resources will the researchers/devs provide, and what resources will Rook be expected to contribute?


What team members (for both the partner organization and Rook) will be leading/accountable for this integration?

Work plan

What is the expected timeline for deliverables?

Monitoring and Reporting

How will the DAO be able to monitor development progress and the results of the research?


Specific steps to be taken, in bullet point form