KIP Tempate: Delegation of Powers

What follows is a proposed template structure for the Delegation of Powers category defined in Writing a KIP for Rook governance.

category: delegation of powers
author:  <emailaddress>
created: YYYY-MM-DD


One sentence summarizing the proposal, its timeframe and its rationale.


Provide links and summary for everything cited, including dates and sources for all data. All links should be referenced here, rather than in the proposal.



tl:dr version of what follows, in either text or bullet points

Nature of powers to be delegated

Nature and scope of powers to be exercised under this KIP

Term of delegation

Months? Quarters? Year?


If relevant, what is the requested budget, in both summary and itemized form? In what token?

Mission Alignment and Rationale

What is the rationale for this proposal? How is this proposal aligned with Rook’s mission and values (TBD)

Expected benefits for Rook

How will Rook benefit from this delegation?

Potential risks and mitigation

What are the risks and how will the team attempt to mitigate them?

Oversight and Recourse

Who will oversee the Delegated Team in its use of the delegated powers? What recourse do members of the DAO have? What reporting will the Delegated Team provide to the DAO?

Delegated Team

Members and contributor roles or (if external) qualifications


Resummarize in bullet points