KIP Idea: Fund some professional Community Initiatives

Everyone knows that community is the most important part of pumping a coin’s price. With 100M in the bank, I think it makes sense to use a very meager amount of this eth to fund some quality community engagement.

First idea is to hire a part time professional wojak artist to produce some wojakxrook or pepexrook memes that we can spam on twitter and discord when rook is going up or down. This is very powerful. I am a member of a few TG chatrooms and having funny, unique memes to post can be an important rallying cry for onboarding new bag holders and generally increasing comradery amongst holders. We saw this pop up with avax when it went on its run. I am sure we can find such an artist for a reasonable monthly salary, or alternatively we can sponsor bounties for specific ideas.

Second proposal would be to partner with a twitter influencer. We all know what happened when messi got thousands of plebs on the rook train last year. Rook is a complex project and plebs need to be hand held through understanding it. Also, our presence on social media is next to 0. However, i also think that pure paid shilling looks pretty bad. So, I believe a good solution is to onboard a popular influencer as a project advisor, give them a salary or rook allocation. Someone who would be perfect is Tetranode. He uses the product and knows how to build protocols. He is directly involved in Rari and Dopex and both of those projects are mooning, in part because he shows them off on his twitter. Maybe we can work out some integrations if appropriate as well.

So to sum this up, there are very simple steps that crypto projects an take to influence their coin price. Its great to focus on the tech angle, but I have seen many protocols fail because they treat themselves like legacy startups and hide their heads in the sand. We don’t want to do anything illegal or unethical but self promotion is not a sin.


I completely agree, I was thinking of drafting up a KIP where we allocate a certain amount of Rook for sponsorships on channels like defiant and up only timed with new product releases to onboard new users but that idea could be bundled into yours.

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Love this idea, does anyone in our ecosystem actually have tetra in their circle?

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Tetra might be a very good choice indeed