KIP Draft: To Burn or Not to Burn


There is currently a proposal to permanently remove from future emissions, or effectively burn, the 42,875 ROOK that was not minted during Act III due to the delayed Hiding Vault launch. I want to propose an alternative to what we can do with these tokens. As it stands one of the biggest flaws of the KeeperDAO is a lack of protocols integrating with our developed tech which could have an impact on the efficacy of the coordination game.



It is no secret that DEX’s have taken over defi this year, the simple swap-based protocols are simple and easy to use but a feature has remained absent from the 2 largest ETH DEX’s, limit orders. I propose that we use the Act III tokens to cover the costs of a major integration to Sushi Swap. The idea of this incentive stands on 2 pillars, expansion of the KeeperDAO ecosystem through a high-impact partnership, bolstering the efficacy of the coordination game, and as a DAO bootstrapping mechanism.


I propose a distribution where 10% of the tokens are sent to the Sushi Swap treasury for the integration and vested for 1 year, 80% be airdropped to Sushi governance participants who voted on at least 4 proposals, and the last 10% be used to pay Banteg for the development of this integration The reasoning behind this is that it will allow for KeeperDAO to be injected with a breath of active governance participants to then write KIP’s and review proposed KIP’s. This airdrop will also drastically increase the amount of Rook holders and protocol participants concerning the hiding vault.


The main issue that comes to mind with an airdrop of this magnitude is the risk of sell pressure. On-chain analytics would provide useful in predicting the behavior of the recipients based on historical airdrop selling or holding. In other words, if recipients usually don’t sell airdrops they receive or a percentage of them sell but a larger percentage of them buy more to negate the selling pressure then it would be wise con seriously consider this proposal as both a way to expand KeeperDAO integrations and to add active governance participants to the DAO.

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This is an interesting idea. We have spoken to Sushi before - at that time, they were not interested in integrating partners which decentralize their liquidity sourcing (eg order flow would not be allowed to execute on 0x, uniswap, etc.) which means that we would be giving users a worse trade.

Sushi’s volume is also heavily Keeper bots already, which are often distributing the liquidity sourcing in those transactions from Uni, Sushi, etc. already.

tl;dr We want order flow that can go through decentralized liquidity sourcing, which would not work w/ Sushi unfortunately.


• It’s worth noting there are other protocols/projects (some of which we are talking with) which align better or have more agreeable requirements.
• Also worth noting partnerships aren’t usually made like this, outside of CEX listings. You can’t throw money at a protocol to get integrated if there is simply not an alignment. But there are many appealing protocols with alignments.


I understand what you are saying, I put sushi there somewhat as a placeholder. Ideally, an on-chain analysis would be done to see which dex has the most sandwich attacks or highest potential value capture and offer them the “Bribe” since they are all DAO’s anyways. While I understand that usually partnerships are not made like this I view it as an interesting thought as a means to quickly expand governance participants and holders while also securing a key integration of our tech.