KIP Draft: Sybil Attack Resistant Governance REVISED


As more sweeping changes happen to KeeperDAO after consensus on KIP-0 and 1 has been recognized, it is important to recognize the potential for bad actors to impeded progress on the DAO, either for financial motivations or otherwise. It is my opinion that we put the steps in place to make our governance system resistant to Sybil attacks as soon as possible to prevent poisoning the roots of KeeperDAO governance before it blooms with productive ideas for the treasury.


To reduce the efficacy of bad actors in governance, I propose that before every voting period for a KIP, the snapshot be done in a 2-week timeframe. All the tokens that have been idle in a wallet for a least 2 weeks are eligible to vote. This reduces the impact short-term traders or bad actors can have on our governance.


Lower voter turnout could be a result of this due to the newfound requirements on voting eligibility. This in my opinion is outweighed by the modest Sybil protection this offers and the increase in voter quality.

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