KIP Draft: New Sophon Nomination

title: new sophon nomination
author:  @Doge, @DaddyMatty, @JasonW, @WhatstheDeetz
category: governance
status: inactive
created: 2023-02-08
replaces: KIP-1
dependencies: KIP-0


Onboard @Wes as a Sophon to replace @Doge.


[1] KIP-1: Initial Sophon Onboarding
[2] Forum post: Our first trial of Sophon onboarding
[3] Forum post: Hearing from the Sophons: poll results


The first batch of Sophons were nominated and elected via KIP-1 [1] in October 2021, and have served continuously in that role for 16 months. @Doge, one of the current Sophons, began to indicate their desire to offboard from that role in late 2022, leading us to workshop several possibilities for how to address his replacement as a DAO. Key among these was the idea to use this changeover to trial a revised election process that spans three stages [2]:

  1. Nomination of the candidate, including information about the candidate’s background and contributions to the DAO.
  2. Evaluation of the candidate by the community, including public sessions with the community and the candidate.
  3. Voting on Snapshot for 5 days.


The Sophon to be offboarded and replaced in this proposal is @Doge, who was described in the initial proposal as a community member as well as a researcher and token strategist [1].

Our nomination of @Wes is based on the results of a poll of the Sophons last year about what makes for an effective Sophon [3]. In that poll, the two strongest requirements were detailed knowledge of the Rook Protocol as well as Rook DAO and community experience. The number of candidates who meet both of those criteria is small,and the number of those capable of stepping into the existing process and immediately contributing is even smaller. @Wes ably meets all of these criteria as a long-term community member and contributor, and would be able to begin contributing immediately on election.

@Doge has also named @Wes as the DAO member who would be best qualified to replace him, and has signed onto this proposal as coauthor.

Wes has provided the following information to the community in support of his nomination:

  • Discord and forum handles
    • Discord: Wes²♜♜♜#0001
    • Forum: @Wes
  • Twitter handle
    • N/A
  • Background and Web3 expertise, and how this will benefit Rook DAO.
    • Wes has been a Web3 native since 2016. He has been involved in a number of projects from the ground floor, mostly as a community member and investor. He has been a community member of Rook since July of 2020, and is also is a community member and signer of the Ren DAO Multi-Sig.
  • Knowledge of Rook and prior contributions to the DAO
    • Wes has extensive knowledge of Rook, providing support to community members as a moderator for over a year, working with @JasonW on Rook’s governance development and stewardship, as well as working with @DaddyMatty to evaluate ETH Staking Derivative options.
  • Current ROOK/xROOK holdings
    • approx. 500 ROOK
  • Potential conflicts of interest
    • Wes is currently a part-time contributor for the DAO.
  • Intent to abide by the Sophon KIP evaluation criteria (link)
    • Yes.


  • Once posted as a KIP Draft to the forum, set at least one date for community interaction with @Wes, ideally at a governance workshop
  • After reaching soft consensus per our usual governance process, set up an election on Snapshot
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UPDATE: @Wes did an AMA with community members at this week’s Governance Workshop and, given the conversation there, his candidacy is moving forward without community objection. For more information, see: Governance Workshop - February 15, 2023

The Sophons are currently reviewing the proposal.

UPDATE: This nomination is being put on hold due to concerns from the Sophons that the replacement Sophon needs to be from the community, rather than being someone employed by the DAO. We’ll return to Wes’ candidacy when we’re ready to replace one of the Labs team members among the Sophons.