KIP Draft: Marketing Initiative


After the May correction, the Rook token price has yet to recover to its previous range of $300-400. This has led to a noticeable absence of community engagement on all social media platforms the project has accounts with. For any project to succeed in this space, an anti-fragile community must be formed due to the volatile price action of the asset class. This proposal aims to jumpstart community development as KeeperDAO turns a new leaf with the launch of kAave and the coordination game.


Marketing on releases

With the upcoming launch of two new KeeperDAO products, I suggest we allocate and seek out sponsorships from the Defiant and the Up Only podcast. These sponsorships should be timed in accordance with the new product release to maximize the money spent on marketing. These two channels are selected based on a combination of traffic and their target audiences.

Twitter exposure

The turnout for community calls has been wanting to say the least. With over 18k holders and Twitter followers, how do we get attendance in the double digits!? I propose we address this issue by allocating Rook to promote these tweets and mention that a POAP will be offered during the call in the tweet.

Reddit engagement

The KeeperDAO subreddit is dead no two ways about it. I propose that funds be allocated to code a bot that posts on the subreddit every time a new KIP draft is posted on the forum to create engagement on the subreddit for those who browse it.


Money could be spent on marketing and provide negligible community engagement. The adage “ you miss all the shots you don’t take ” makes me think that the risk of the treasury losing negligible funds outweighs the potential benefits of supercharging community participation in such a pivotal time for KeeperDAO.

Agreed on all points (it’s rough, obviously needs to be polished into actions, but the sentiment is good).

Can we dive deeper into specifics of what this might look like: