KIP Draft: KPI for Sophons


Currently, KIP-1 has passed and 5 Sophons have been elected composing of core and community members. The rough expectations of Sophons regarding governance facilitation are, maintaining a public queue of the merged KIPs to be reviewed, the review said KIP drafts in the context of feasibility, notify interested parties, allow sufficient time to facilitate discussion, and uncover any remaining objection or correction to the proposal before objection voting.


In the context of transparency, the actions of each Sophon should be clearly labeled and associated with each transition of KIP drafts into review. This is to make sure that there are no laggards in the Sophon pool and to give more context on where each Sophons brings value in the transition of each KIP draft.

I also propose that long-term KPI’s be set in place as goals the Sophons can use to guide their thought process in reviewing drafts. These goals will reward significantly more Rook due to the one-time nature of their payout. I propose that these long-term goals be:

  • 1 Billion in TVL rewards each Sophon 50 Rook
  • 300 000 Hiding game orders filled rewards 50 Rook
  • 10 Billion USD in Hiding game total volume rewards 50 Rook
  • 100 000 Rook holders rewards 50 Rook
  • $3500 Rook price held for 1-month rewards 100 Rook

The combined value of these rewards would net each Sophon approximately 1 million dollars in Rook rewards.

The final part of this KIP is that if some sophons are found to be unproductive compared to their peers, at each fiscal quarter the community has a vote regarding keeping the current pool of Sophons or if Sophons need to be replaced or added based on nominations.


These incentives might not be enough to drive active facilitation from the Sophons due to the high net worth of most individuals in the space. With that said these incentives can always be tweaked to cater to the situation, the main idea of this proposal is to set KPIs for Sophons and reward their contributions to governance facilitation.

I don’t think I agree with the idea of incentivizing Sophons financially. I don’t think Sophons should need additional motivation beyond any other member of the DAO to engage in governance. That being said I’m definitely on board with the idea of keeping Sophon actions and discussions transparent, and establishing mechanisms for the community to hold us accountable


I agree with your points 100%. The main reasoning behind this proposal was to set up a “north star” to lean on in the decision-making during the reviewing process of the sea of kip’s that will be submitted. I agree completely with you on there not being a need reason to reward short-term activity for sophons but I like the idea of the long-term rewards. Also, we need to find ways to incentivize community kip drafting since as it stands there are negligible submissions. I am very receptive to other venues we could employ to incentivize community participation beyond financial incetives.

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I disagree with a statement/sentiment that there are negligible submissions. There are more than a dozen KIPs to sift through which will take weeks for me personally because I’m not that familiar with some of the options proposed to diversity the treasury for example.

I definitely agree that the sophons should be more transparent and accountable. There is a sophons channel on discord that we plan to use going forward. As far as I know it’s a channel only sophons can send messages to, it’s read only for everyone else.

I have no clue what would be a fair way to reward sophons. I’m not even sure a reward is necessary. It’s difficult, right? On one hand, I wouldn’t say no to a reward obviously. On the other hand, I feel all of this is pretty new to me and I’m learning a lot and I signed up as a volunteer not expecting any reward. Hazzy is definitely doing a lot more work than me for example. But I’ve been pretty transparent from the beginning that I have a full time job that I enjoy (lucky me) and I can only dedicate a few hours per week for sophon-related work. So that’s something the reward scheme should take into account somehow.

I’d suggest to maybe downsize this KIP for now. I definitely agree that rewarding the authors of successful KIPs is a great idea so I’d focus on that aspect. I’d probably offer more than just $200 though. lol
Maybe we could wait a few weeks to see how governance and sophon work go and revisit rewards at a later point. It might also be a good idea if we skipped sophon consensus on any KIP that aim to reward sophons and go from crowd consensus to vote directly.

So yeah, a lot of rambling and subjective opinion here. :slight_smile:

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I was more referring to author diversity rather than KIP quantity but duly noted that there is a lot on the Sophon’s plate with the current drafts. Regarding Sophon rewards, I understand that is a volunteer-only position but Sophon rewards are important in my opinion as a means for the community to be cognizant of the effort that goes into being a Sophon. Rewards also serve as a way to attract new Sophon candidates in the event that a Sophon is deemed replaceable.

Regarding offering more than 200$ in rewards for KIP authors I leave that in the hands of the lab’s team to determine an appropriate figure, I just think its wise to offer KIP draft rewards to incetivise high-quality idea submissions from a diverse group of authors.

In what way should it be downsized, I took out the short-term rewards. I think maybe author rewards and Sophon rewards could be 2 separate KIP’s. But that can be done in the crowd consensus phase to not congest the forum.

Incentives for Sophons are interesting. Lot of good thoughts here, let’s keep iterating on this.

Would love to see this draft evolve into a more general “Sophon Agreement” or framework – to lay out for Sophons a more clearly defined role, structure, expectations, guidelines, and compensation.

We’ve learned a lot about Sophons in the past quarter of governance, we can put that knowledge to good use now. It will also help us decide how they interact with the proposed re-organization, which @Nottrunner emphasized as being crucial for oversight during the town hall (which I completely agree with).

What do you think @yungpeso ?

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I agree, I think this draft is outdated and doesn’t consider the knowledge acquired over the past 2 months regarding the time allotment sophons need to do a good job, knowledge about KD and DeFi at large. It’s also important to note that we should offer a base salary in my opinion alongside these “bonuses” based on some KPIs chosen by the community. I also think there should be a clear structure around why a KIP has a Sophon recommendation, a clear amount of time allotted for a KIP draft that has been discussed in a town hall to spend in “Sophon Limbo” before it goes up to a vote.

@hazard, my reply is a bit all over the place, but I think most of my suggestions have merit is some way


Sophon here.

I am helping KeeperDAO out because I’ve been here since the beginning and like the project. I don’t not need financial compensation.

Don’t delete it, you have a valid point. I am happy to serve in a sophon role and I also don’t need financial compensation. But I do agree that financial compensation would help with accountability.

I think it would make sense to have some sort of maybe hourly wage so compensation correlates with sophon time, and the one-time payouts should be more closely related to things that the sophons have more control over. For example, give one-time rewards after every nth KIP successfully reviewed and things like that. Milestones in TVL, number of hiding game orders, etc. are much more of a core and labs team effort than sophon effort.

I completely agree, the initial post is quite old and doesn’t really factor int he new direction KD is taking