KIP Draft: Add a Rook Voting Threshold


Set a minimum amount of 30 000 Rook used in the KIP voting.


There has been a submission for the KIP voting period to be reduced to 3 days as a default and then extended to 7 days on more controversial KIPs. That KIP aims at expediting the governance process while this KIP complements it by also maintaining the legitimacy of KIP under this reduced voting period.


  1. Make a minimum participation threshold of 30 000 Rook in governance for a KIP to pass under a 3-day consensus period. If the threshold is not met, extend the voting period to the default 7 days.

Isn’t this kind of mutually exclusive with the concept of “apparent consensus”? If we implement a threshold we’re basically back to token weighted voting with a quorum

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I think it’s interesting to think about. The notion of apparent consensus would mean that you could effectively justify passing any KIP that goes to vote due to the circulating supply of ROOK that doesn’t vote is automatically considered a no objection vote. The ROOK supply that doesn’t vote eclipses objection votes in most scenarios. Having a voting threshold at least legitimizes consensus that to a certain extent due to having a non-trivial % of informed voters supporting or objecting to a KIP.

Lmk if I am wrong in my thinking