KIP-42: Extend KIP-26 though Q2 2023

UPDATE: Please see comment below for explanation of Reconciliation and next steps.
REVISED UPDATE: This measure is now out of Reconciliation after Sophon review, and is adopted. See comment below for more information.

kip: 42
title: extend KIP-26 through Q2 2023
category: delegation of powers
author:  @JasonW ( 
status: final (adopted)
created: 2023-01-30
dependencies: KIP-12, KIP-21, KIP-26


Extend KIP-26 (and thus KIP-12 and KIP-21) through the second quarter of 2023.


[1] KIP-12 Empower key contributors to expand and organize KeeperDAO
[2] KIP-21 Extend KIP-12 until the end of Q2 2022
[3] KIP-26 Extend KIP-21 until the end of 2022
[4] Q1 quarterly report
[5] Q2 quarterly report
[6] Q3 quarterly report
[7] Q4 quarterly report



This KIP proposes to extend the powers granted in KIP-21 (and by extension, those in KIP-12 and KIP-26) by an additional six months, through the sooner of the end of Q2 2023 or until superseded by another KIP.

Nature of powers to be delegated

KIP-12 [1] empowered @hazard and @JZ to expand and organize KeeperDAO during the first quarter of 2022, and was extended by KIP-21 [2] through the second quarter of 2022 and by KIP-26 through the end of 2022 [3]. This KIP proposes to extend the same powers articulated in those proposals.

Term of delegation

This proposal will cover the six months ending June 30, 2023, unless superseded by another KIP prior to that date.


There is no anticipated budget to fund this proposal beyond that established in Rook’s quarterly budgeting process.

Mission Alignment and Rationale

The leadership team has driven a complete reorganization of the DAO’s contributorship, the delivery of major protocol and product developments and the building of a cohesive and high-performance organization during the course of 2022 [4,5,6,7]. This proposal is intended to empower them to complete the promised cycle of work first formalized in KIP-12 [1] and to guide the DAO through key upgrades to the protocol.

Expected benefits for Rook

Continuity in leadership will be essential for Rook as a whole to realize the potential of the transformations undertaken in 2022, especially given the upcoming launch of key protocol developments. Keeping current leadership in place will enable Rook to reach the goals set out in Rook’s quarterly reports over the course of 2022 [4,5,6,7]. Keeping the same leadership team will also provide stability for existing and potential integration partners, allowing ROOK to strengthen the roots of existing relationships and maintain its standard of transparency for new partners

Potential risks and mitigation

Continuing to delegate these powers to hazard and JZ could pose potential risks to the DAO given the concentration of authority. The fundamental mitigation of this risk is in the temporary nature of this proposal. This KIP is intended to provide time-limited authority to lead the DAO and protocol development into the first two quarters of 2023.

As first proposed in KIP-26 [3], this KIP continues to require committing to consistent reporting of progress. Effective reporting will require some combination of written updates, periodic community meetings to discuss progress, and the continued development of dashboards where the community can monitor that progress.

Oversight and Recourse

The leadership will operate under the review of the Sophons as established in KIP-12 [1]. The community also retains several forms of recourse. In the event that the community comes to consensus that leadership’s actions no longer have their trust, they could take any of the following actions:

  • Convene an “all hands on deck” community call with the leadership team to address specific issues
  • Unwind the authorities granted in this proposal through a formal KIP

Delegated Team

The leadership team members to be delegated the powers in this proposal are:


  1. Extend KIP-26 until the end of Q2 2023, i.e. midnight UTC on 30 June, 2023
  2. Continue to provide periodic reporting to the community on progress and new developments

This proposal was opened to questions and concerns at two community meetings this week: Treasury Tuesday (1/30) and Governance Workshop (2/1). There were no objections posed at either meeting, and @WhatsTheDeetz expressed strong support for the proposal. For more detail, see the transcripts and recordings at Community Call - Rookbase.

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UPDATE: This proposal was revised on 2023-03-08 to span the first two quarters of 2023. We will discuss the revisions at today’s Governance Workshop.

UPDATE: Voting on this KIP ended at 6PM ET on 2022-03-20: Snapshot

Given the results, the Sophons have determined that this proposal is moving into Reconciliation for a 72-hour period beginning at 11AM ET on 2021-03-21. For more information, see: Discord

Objecting Voters: This process exists to ensure that your reasons for objecting are surfaced and discussed. To make sure of that, we are asking that you leave a comment below stating your objection clearly and fully, and also that you include a link to an attestation from confirming the wallet you used to vote on Snapshot.

We will discuss these here on the forum as well as at Governance Workshop this Thursday, March 23 on the DAO Calls channel on Rook’s Discord.

I decided to object to this proposal as well as KIP-43 for 3 main reasons:

  • @hazard and @j_z no longer want to operate in a DAO structure that is governed by ROOK holders. They stated their opinion very clearly through a recent KIP, as well as on Discord. Therefore, they aren’t fitted anymore to lead the organization in the current format.

  • The burn rate for such a small organization that is pre-product-market fit is unreasonable and makes poor use of the DAO treasury. Considering the current environment, I would have wanted to see clear cuts in the budgets.

  • This spending isn’t linked to any key performance indicators or objectives. There is no public roadmap or specification of minimum viable products being worked on by the team. This lack of accountability reflects poor resource management.

Your objection stays up either way, but can you demonstrate that you were one of the Objecting voters during the recent Snapshot by doing a signature attestation for your voting wallet? That helps us know how to weight comments of those who voted vs. those who are commenting outside of that.

To be clear, both kinds of comments are part of the conversation overall, but within the context of reconciliation we’re especially interested in what objecting voters are thinking.

UPDATE: The Sophons have reviewed the proposal as well as the discussion that followed in this week’s Governance Workshop ( and have determined that this KIP is adopted.