KIP-26: Extend KIP-21 to end of 2022

KIP 26: Extend KIP-21 to end of 2022

kip: 26
title: Extend KIP-21 to end of 2022
category: delegation of powers
authors:  @DaddyMatty <>, @JasonW <>; @rama <>, @tommy <>; @watts <>; @WhatstheDeetz <>
status: final
created: 2022-07-05
replaces: KIP-21
dependencies: KIP-12, KIP-21


Extend KIP-21 (and thus KIP-12) through the end of 2022.


[1] KIP-12 Empower key contributors to expand and organize KeeperDAO
[2] KIP-21 Extend KIP-12 until the end of Q2 2022
[3] Q1 quarterly report
[4] Q2 quarterly report



This KIP proposes to extend the powers granted in KIP-21 (and by extension, those in KIP-12) by an additional six months, through the sooner of the end of 2022 or until superseded by another KIP.

Nature of powers to be delegated

KIP-12 [1] empowered @hazard and @JZ to expand and organize KeeperDAO during the first quarter of 2022, and was extended by KIP-21 [2] through the second quarter of 2022. This KIP proposes to extend the same powers articulated in those proposals.

Term of delegation

This proposal will last for the six months ending December 31, 2022, unless superseded by another KIP prior to that date.


There is no anticipated budget to fund this proposal beyond that established in Rook’s quarterly budgeting process.

Mission Alignment and Rationale

The leadership team has driven a complete reorganization of the DAO’s contributorship, the delivery of major protocol and product developments and the building of a cohesive and high-performance organization during the first six months of 2022 [3,4]. This proposal is intended to empower them to complete the promised cycle of work first formalized in KIP-12 [1] by finalizing the organizational and legal structure, technology and other necessary upgrades necessary.

Expected benefits for Rook

Continuity in leadership will be essential for Rook as a whole to realize the potential of the transformations initiated in the first half of 2022. Keeping current leadership in place will enable Rook to reach the goals for Q3 and beyond as set out in Rook’s Q2 quarterly report [4].

Potential risks and mitigation

Continuing to delegate these powers to hazard and JZ could pose potential risks to the DAO given the concentration of authority. The fundamental mitigation of this risk is in the temporary nature of this proposal. This KIP is intended to provide time-limited authority to complete the governance and organizational reforms described in the Q2 report [4]. Those reforms will include frameworks that establish ongoing structures for authority and accountability that, once debated with and ratified by the community, will eliminate the need for further extensions such as this KIP.

This KIP also proposes to introduce measures of transparency that encourage community review and monitoring of the activities of the DAO under the team’s leadership. In part this will happen through a commitment to building in public whenever possible, and where unable to do that, to committing to consistent reporting of progress.

Effective reporting will require some combination of written updates, periodic community meetings to discuss progress, and potentially the development of public-facing sites that allow anyone to track that progress. While the precise mix will likely change with the cadence of developments across Rook, the leadership is required by this proposal to establish and have begun implementing a publicly documented communication strategy and schedule for maintaining transparency within three weeks of ratification.

Oversight and Recourse

The leadership will operate under the review of the Sophons as established in KIP-12 [1]. The community also retains several forms of recourse. In the event that the community comes to consensus that leadership’s actions no longer have their trust, they could take any of the following actions:

  • Convene an “all hands on deck” community call with the leadership team to address specific issues
  • Unwind the authorities granted in this proposal through a formal KIP

Delegated Team

The leadership team members to be delegated the powers in this proposal are:


  1. Extend KIP-21 until the end of 2022, that is, midnight UTC on 31 December, 2022
  2. Within three weeks of ratification, develop and begin to deliver on publicly documented communication strategy.

Support this proposal. JZ and Hazard have been great leaders for ROOK. Hazard communicates efficiently and is able to articulate in AMA’s to communities with zero prior Rook knowledge how Rook changes the entire crypto space.


This proposal has moved to Sophon Review on 7/8 after Town Hall.

This proposal has moved to voting on 7/12 at Rook’s Snapshot page. The vote is at Snapshot

The Snapshot vote for this KIP is completed as of July 15, with 26K voting No objection and 3.3k voting Object. The measure is Adopted.

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