KIP-12: Empower key contributors to expand and organize KeeperDAO

KIP-12: Empower key contributors to expand and organize KeeperDAO


Appoint key contributors @j_z and @hazard as CTO, CEO and empower them to re-structure and expand KeeperDAO over the next three (3) months, with the continuous review and consent of Sophons and members of the community.



The past 6 months: bootstrapping community contributorship

The past six months have seen KeeperDAO grow from a Core Team of 5 to a contributorship of around 25. Community members now constitute the vast majority (85%) of full-time contributors, up from 0% in June 2021.

Contributors have self-organized to tackle important tasks that in many other DAOs would be the responsibility of a “Core Team”, including:

  • Designing and implementing a new KeeperDAO app.
  • Creating a new brand image and visual design.
  • Creating new websites, documentation, and marketing materials.
  • Establishing regular community calls and townhalls with featured guests
  • Launching the KeeperDAO governance system.
  • Founding KeeperDAO Labs and administering a grants program for new contributors.
  • Active development on Ninja, the Coordination Game, Hiding Book, and Hiding Vaults.
  • Conducting business development, partner, and DAO-to-DAO discussions.
  • Managing DAO treasury positions and yield-generating opportunities.

This is a great accomplishment for our community and founding team. This period of bootstrapping has shown us what a DAO can do, and we want to build on that in order to accelerate into the next phase of KeeperDAO’s growth.

The next 3 months: setting up for expansion

This KIP is the catalyst for a broad transformation to take place over the next 3 months, from January-March 2022. During this time we will collectively incubate the new KeeperDAO, by making investments in talent, education, and organization, in order to emerge as a new DeFi powerhouse.

Rather than attempt to create a perfect structure in advance, wasting precious time and initiative, this proposal suggests to temporarily empower key players jz and hazard to begin the process of transformation, and accomplish the remaining major steps gradually during the next quarter, with the entire process overseen and shaped by Sophons and members of the community.

The appointments of jz and hazard were proposed (by unanimous consent) of the contributors from both the core and labs teams in Proposing a KeeperDAO Leadership Team.

The draft organizational plan, i.e. what we are today aiming for as an end-state of the transformation, but which is subject to change, may be summarized as:

  1. A DAO charter or constitution
  2. An executive coordination team of CEO and CTO
  3. An oversight team of Sophons, aided by the DAO at large
  4. Transparent compensation and contributor guidelines
  5. Transparent budgeting and funding process
  6. Transparent objectives and performance review process
  7. A set of delegated powers
  8. A set of coordinating teams, each with:
    • Mission
    • Facilitator(s)
    • Measurable objective(s)
    • Budget

More details can be found in The New Citadel: A Vision for KeeperDAO.


  1. This proposal creates the office of CEO and CTO
  2. This proposal appoints @hazard as CEO and @j_z as CTO
  3. This proposal grants the CEO and CTO operational authority to:
    1. Identify and engage key contributors.
    2. Determine and distribute DAO Treasury funds needed for interim compensation (pending ratification of a complete budget).
    3. Set priorities and encourage team formation in areas of strategic importance.
    4. Facilitate business development and integrations
  4. This proposal grants Sophons operational authority to review and challenge any and all actions of the CEO and CTO
  5. This proposal requires the CEO and CTO to work with stakeholders to develop a unified organizational framework which will allow KeeperDAO to scale while maintaining community governance, participation, and ownership.

If adopted, authorities granted will be in effect for three (3) months until the end of Q1 2022, i.e. March 31 at midnight UTC, unless superceded or extended by a subsequent KIP.


I support this reorg. One thing I would like to bring up is, having a more centralized execution structure during the transitionary period of the reorg to make sure that we can execute at a comparable pace to other DeFi projects who are also centralized. Once KD is more established we could begin decentralizing how funds are used and how decisions are made

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I support the reorg. KeeperDAO has lacked structure / leadership since inception… this is quite the welcome change. We should move quickly.


Def support with full conviction the reorg. We need this as much as oxygen.
I congrats Hazard and JZ for well deserving their future roles.


I think this is a solid proposal that empowers our operational teams to move and execute, while granting Sophons oversight authority and a charge to collaborate with the core team.

It has my full support.

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Very much in support of this proposal and the framing of this transition. hazard and jz are excellent, natural choices for the leadership positions outlined and I intend to support their operational authority beyond Q1 2022.

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