Help the Coordination Game

KIPx: Coordination Game is the Key!


I need input here from the keepers and dev team: please tell us what we can do to help you improve the workings and ETA of the Coordination Game


Our community is very active in finding good investments for the Treasury, and in creating upward pressure on the ROOK price. Which is all absolutely great!

What longer term will really drive value is a super successful Coordination Game.
What is our progress there and what can we do to help as DAO?
How many of the top 10 keepers/ searchers do we have on board, and how can we increase that percentage?


!!!Please input especially from the keepers among us!!!

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Hey! I didn’t want to leave this post hanging as it’s great, and absolutely of the utmost importance.

We are closer than ever to releasing and are hard at work behind the scenes making sure the release is going to be a smashing success.

Off the top of my head, we’ll be seeking pros in these areas soon:

Economics: Calculus experts, python engineers, and/or modeling folks are always needed!
Writing: We are seeking a few different types of copywriters currently. If you have experience with technical documentation, DeFi blog posts, RFCs, research papers, etc. please lmk!
Testing: Some testers will be wanted shortly to experiment with the client!
Marketing: There is a plan here - don’t know if @tommy is looking for extra hands on deck or not.