Hearing from the Sophons: poll results

Our deliberations about how to change the process to date have lacked input from one essential source - the current cohort of Sophons. To rectify this, we developed a brief anonymous poll to get their comments and guidance on their experience in the role and what the DAO should consider as it moves forward. Four of the five Sophons responded, and provided insights that will be a big help in refining our discussions around onboarding, compensation and other issues.

The general takeaways from the survey were:

  • The only crucial knowledge for Sophons was knowledge of the Rook protocol; most other forms of knowledge were nice to have but less important, with experience with other DeFi projects being the least important
  • Sophons currently spend only a few hours weekly on Sophon duties, and the expanded responsibilities we’ve discussed would add significantly to that time.
  • The Sophons are somewhat divided on the question of compensation
  • There are several areas for improvement in both the support the DAO provides the Sophons as well as in what the Sophons can provide the DAO

Sophon Skills

The first part of the poll presented a series of skills and asked the Sophons to rate them on a scale from 0 (not necessary) to 5 (crucial) in terms of how necessary each skill is to the role. Each question also allowed for additional comments, which are included below each graph.

“This should be a baseline requirement to even be considered as a sophon imo”

“Not strictly necessary for all sophons, but there should be at least 1 or 2”
“This need will increase in future”

“This need may increase in future”

“I have not contributed to other defi projects”
“You should know how to tell a scam, and not get starstruck.”

“Engineers on the team should be consulted for anything involving smart contract/security stuff”

“Because many proposals deal with the Treasury (something that should probably be minimized in future), today it does help to know about this.”

“Should know the basics”

“You don’t need to be here every day, but it is good”

On time commitments and potential compensation

On how we can improve