Growing a Turkish community

Hello all friends , i really like KeeperDAO and i want to create and grow a Turkish Community.Turkey is in top 10 crypto adapter countries. I have experiences about that , i can grow community at discord,telegram etc. and make tutorial videos for them. I have great communication skills , patient and discipline for that.
I will do my best for this job. I do not want tooo much compensation for that, we can discuss about this. I will not disappoint this DAO lets go!
Have a good day all.


Would love more Turkish friends in the KeeperDAO community! I see the new #turkish Discord channel in the International section and think that is a great place to demonstrate some of your community building ideas. Compensation is available in many forms (grants, contracting, full-time) with the right amount of effort. Görüşürüz!


Yes bro i kindly ask admins and mod for Turkish channel , when i start to grow community we will need telegram and discord chat!

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I’ve been looking for a DAO to participate, and advice my friends to onboard with me within time. Was trying to form my own DAO tbh in general that includes Liquidity providing - uniting for becoming protocol validator, borrow - lending features may be, etc. Just I realize things are way beyond if you are inexperienced and beginner. So I decide to join one community and support its improvements. Been following a lot of DAO’s for a while. Just saw this post and made me smile since my telegram and youtube is Turkish community, but with a little different location and ethnicity. Whatever, it is quite complicated, but I just pressed the ‘watch’ icon for rokenomics post. So I believe I will join the discord and hang a little around to find someone to give me advice about the community here (: regards all and hail.