Draft KIP: Allocate *enough* funds for a proper marketing campaign

Draft KIP


  • Allocate at least 300.000$ for a proper marketing campaign to wrap the coordination game launch.


  • I think that very few people are aware of us right now and if we launch our flagship product in this kind of environment it will have little impact in both terms of adoption and community growth. It is the best moment to make everyone talk about us. This will help the recruiting process too.

Right now KeeperDAO is an entity with great tech but little community, lets change that and use this momentum to keep growing.


Hire a good marketing agency to handle this launch properly on many channels until we have our own marketing managers. It is obvious that we lack the resources to manage right now such a complex campaign ourselves so maybe hiring an external agency which already has the right network in place might be the best idea.
Contact influencers and well-known people to create videos and mention us on different channels such as but not limited to: youtube, twitter, discord etc.

This is a super basic proposal so feedback is more than welcome. Not sure how much time do we still have until CG is out.


Yes. You are right.

Marketing must be done very well;

The technical part is ok and the project looks very good, but from the outside you can’t see this! and if it is not clearly communicated through marketing then the ROOK is still falling!

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Would be nice to understand how 300,000 USD was derived? Why is 300,000 the optimal budget for this endeavour? What is the precedent for marketing budgets for defi projects … what are case studies of failure and success? To a professional or someone who has managed this kind of endeavour before, the answers might be obvious. But since this is a proposal directed at the wider community, the figure should be justified so that the proposal can be understood by as much of the DAO membership as possible.